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How To Be A Great Airbnb Host

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As professional world travelers, we realized that many Airbnb hosts believe that the minimum amount of effort they put in a property will build their profitable business. Do not make that mistake!

Being a great Airbnb host means you need to take care of the property, so that your guests may fully enjoy it. You don’t just put a cheaply furnished place out there to make easy money off the back of the tourists. Ideally, you will want to have as many returning clients as possible throughout the year. So we’ve put together a short guideline for you, to stress out the 4 most crucial things to consider when it comes to this business.

Our number one is:

Tip #1: Make sure your Airbnb bed is comfortable

The bed should be the most important feature of your place – in the end, you actually compete with hotels over this business. Let me tell you: very few hosts actually sleep in their Airbnb property’s bed, in order to try it out and make sure it’s comfortable enough for their clients. I can’t stress this enough: Change your mattress at least once a year!

Mattresses do wear out pretty quickly so make sure yours doesn’t need replacement more often. As a rule of thumb: every half a year, take a night of rest in your own rental property, to test its sleeping quality.


Tip #2: Keep it clean

Cleanliness is a rule of thumb when it comes to all hospitality business. Always clean your property thoroughly before new guests arrive. Be especially thorough if there were pets in the flat previously. Always make sure the towels, bedding, dishes and everything else are thoroughly washed!

A dirty place is such a no-no when it comes to this industry and you’d be surprised to find out that some hosts do break this rule, especially when they’re in a hurry to receive the next guests and have limited time to clean. Make sure you always have a clean set of linens for the bedding and don’t cheap out on cleanliness!


Tip #3: Be a flawless communicator

As an Airbnb host, make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of any detail regarding your property. Some of your clients may need fast wifi, others a really quiet room. Don’t fail to list any shortcoming of your property that guest may need to be aware of.

Construction next door? Make sure you communicate that in your listing.

Smoking neighbors? Make sure your guests are aware of that before they book your property. Many people are bothered by second-hand cigarette smoke and when they expect a non-smoking flat, they mean it.

Slow broadband? Communicate that! You’d be surprised how many guests actually need to work during their stay and need good internet.

Communicate very well in regards to your offer.

And that also applies when it comes to the initial check-in meeting point. Some guests may arrive earlier or later than agreed. Make sure you have a plan B in case your guests can’t arrive on time and also keep an eye on your phone! Some clients may choose to SMS rather than call. If you feel that can be a problem, communicate to your guests what would be the best way to reach you ahead of time.

Definitely don’t be late, letting them sit around with their bags waiting for you: that’s going to be a turnoff from the very beginning and a relationship ruined from the start!


Tip #4: Stand out from the crowd

Remember: there’s hundreds of properties like yours out there! To be remembered and chosen as a host repeatedly, you need to make sure you stand out from all those other guys.

Surprise your guests!

And you don’t even need to go big. Be inventive! The trick is to offer a little bit more than what you’ve initially listed. A free bottle of wine, a box of candies, a fridge filled with food or some items for breakfast…These are just a few of the many things you can use to show you’re actually different. In a really good way!

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