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Where is Amsterdam?

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Where is Amsterdam? Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands (sometimes called Holland), a country located in North Western Europe. Amsterdam’s geographical coordinates are ( 52°22′23″N 4°53′32″E ).  Amsterdam is less than 30 minutes by train or car from the North Sea, and sits on a large inland sea called the Ijselmeer.

The closest major international cities to Amsterdam are Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France,  Cologne, Germany, and London, England.  Nearby Dutch cities include Haarlem, Utrecht and Hilversum.  Amsterdam’s location makes it ideal for trade, tourism,  and as a transportation hub.  Amsterdam is  also connected by rail and highway to the rest of the Netherlands and Europe, as well as by ferry to the United Kingdom.  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major European airport and has hundreds of flights a day to destinations all over the world.

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